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Anonymous Asshole

Still not as bad as my answer during CivPro that involved the "Deposition Fairy".

what the hell was that mess about the coat?

all i could think was "KILL ME NOW," and "i hope wings makes this funny, because right now it's really not."

get on that.

Anonymous Asshole

The camel-hair coat....WTF was that?

Ojo Rojo

Please tell me that everybody else feels as horrible about the MBE as I do. That sucked. Balls.



havent heard one person that was happy about that. or even felt decent about it.

It was awful. I feel less than shitty about it.

Anonymous Asshole

February here I come. Is there any good reason to show up tomorrow and crank out 12 shitty essays?

camel hair coat sucked my camel hair balls


Yup, nationwide people are crying about that freaking coat. So glad to see I wasn't losing my mind there.

What about the guy that sued his roomate for conversion when he kept his book a night too long? I am filing suit against my roomate for eating my frozen burrito last night.

The MBE bitchslapped me. But from what I gather, it bitchslapped pretty much everyone else, too. I've talked to maybe three people who didn't think it was a total nightmare.

But yeah, see y'all in February. Goddamnit.

Fuck the MBE



If y'all can point to the one MBE question that threw you for a loop, then I definitely failed.


The MBE was definitely just terrible. I have little pity for anyone that only took a two day bar and if it wasn't for the fact that I am already licensed in another state I would have stopped at Six Flags to apply to be the log flume ride operator. Enjoy your vacations.

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I have to admit that I was wrong.

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