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who the hell just crosses out language on a check? you just fill in the blanks and the square, you don't cross the pre-printed shit out. Absurd.


I just want to meet the guy who thought up the representative question in a dark alley. I'll representative his witness!


Okay. I don't even remember a representative question at this point, or really even know what that means.

But I did laugh out loud trying to just understand what was going on with the mis-labeled Tract I and Tract II.


I'm so not looking forward to this process next year. A friend who recently took the NY Bar told be to start studying PMBR questions *now*. Ack.

Good luck to you.

did you die?

We're not dealing well without you...WTF?

Does "Done" mean done? Or just done?


Yeah, I thought "See you in February" meant for the Bar Exam, not the blog.


Utter sadness :-(


Post! Post now! Post!

We are patiently awaiting your... oh screw that - Post now! We want posts!

If you get distracted by your mostly meaningless life so much that you can no longer post to give the rest of us something in our utterly meaningless lives, well, you suck.

Post now. Thank you.

--JRM, because you owe us. For some good but unarticulable reason.


You got arrested didn't you...that's why you're AWOL from here.

Mr. P

Have you considered selling the blog? Or have someone else take it over?

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I have read the information regarding WTF.I agree with the point that if you get distracted by your mostly meaningless life so much that you can no longer post to give the rest of us something in our utterly meaningless lives.I am looking this process next year.

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Well it ages later and you obv haven't sold the blog feel free to email me and see if I will make a good offer, hows the bar ? :)



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