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Hahahaha, those hypos sound so familiar!


Don't you ever study for the essays?

Essays?! There are essays on the bar?!

I'm doomed.


Yeah, I got one yesterday with some guy having sex with his girlfriend, only to realize (while having sex with her, apparently) that she was dead. Eeeewwwww. I knew it was a red hearing, but, I couldn't help myself -- I chose it anyway.


For the record, Div, I do study for the essays. But I'll be damned if I'm going to write any PRACTICE essays. So when I get to the point that I can cram no more substance in my head and need to do just practice execution, I do MBE problems. Or push-ups.

All of my friends in law school are bellyaching about the bar these days. Is it really that bad? I mean, it is just another test. You people have taken tons of tests by now. It is not like you have to get a root cannal.

Yes, the bar IS that bad. I think we would all rather have some dental procedure ... it would certainly be shorter and less painful.


I would rather be raped by a gang of Brazilian meth addicts. Its that bad.


That would be kinda hot.

hours of study

i;m curious how many hrs a day people study now????

the truly depressing thing is that by passing the bar the big payoff is that...you're a lawyer.

and an alcoholic.

I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I really don't understand the apparent hell that is the bar exam. I mean, look, for instance, at UT's passage rates, which are consistently around the 90% mark. Now look at your classmates. More than 10% are total dumbasses. The bar just can't be THAT bad.

Have you done the one about the Postal Clause yet? I can guarantee that you'll need to know that one to be an effective lawyer.


I've calculated a formula for how many hours to study each day based on my gender and undergraduate GPA...now if only i can hold off on sleeping for the next 2 weeks...

You're not an asshole for not knowing about the bar exam. You're a fuckwad for displaying your ignorance though.

Sorry, I left the above comment. That was uncalled for.

I'll make a great lawyer, eh?



no, you'll make a great fucktard because only a fucktard would apologize for a comment.


What is it with Ian and meth rape? It's like all that guy ever talks about.


If you look at the actual innocence project's website, a lot of the people they get off death row are men accused of raping and killing little girls. With a crime like that, once you find someone to accuse, it's not hard to convict even if the witnesses are blind, evidence tainted and defendant has no previous record.

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