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Unfortunately, it's not INVARIABLY a dude. I've seen way too many instances of Chick Earpiece usage of late. God, I hate those things. No one who's wearing them is ever doing anything with their hands that necessitates the earpiece.


Earpieces like that didn't even look good on Uhura. And everything looked good on Uhura.


What a great idea! I'm in.


You know you're too damn old when you can't picture what a "Bluetooth earpiece" looks like. Can you say "graduated from law school in the mid-90s" boys and girls?

The good news: at least I recognize the technology.


And here I've been just giving them dirty looks because I always think they're a psycho talking to themselves.


I live in West L.A. - if I actually did that, I'd have perpetual laryngitis.


Do you find yourself trying to answer them?


too funny -- loves it.


They are The Borg.

Ron Mexico

Bluetooth = greatest driving device ever... other than that, I hardly ever use the thing. I simply don't understand the point of people wearing around as some kind of fashion accessory--just in case a call might come in and your latte at starbucks requires both hands for some reason (though it will still take another hand to answer the thing).
I think I did use it in the TLR office once when I had our office to myself and was typing something, etc. Since I'm lefthanded, I had it on my left ear. That made for a rather awkward moment when some of my office mates entered and assumed (wrongfully for once) that I was talking to myself...
Now bluetooth would actually be far more useful if they made some decent gym headphone and an ipod attachment (and not the super crappy, regular, low quality, not so gym friendly stuff they have out now).

I always ask if they've been assimilated by the Borg collective.

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