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Anonymous Asshole

Will you be my hetero life partner W&V?


Everyone needs a little donkey show in their life. That's either in the Constitution or the Bible, I can't remember which.

i miss my donkey

snooch to the motherfuckin booch.


What a great idea. I'm gonna do that tomorrow for a matinee. Fuck this bar exam bullshit.


Everyone get their BarBri class-action letter in the mail the same day as Conviser's good luck sentiments? Heh. They'll both make nice coasters about 5pm Wednesday.


I knew I should have checked this blog 24 hours ago.


Dude. That movie was great. I thought it would suck. And parts of it did. But I laughed my ass off. He actually managed to do it without ruining the first one (completely).

John Jenkins

Here are some important hypos to study for the bar exam:

1. O -> A for life. What crimes were committed?

2. Bob is walking through the woods when a nearby tree is struck by lightning. As a result, the tree falls on Bob. What is Bob's interest in Blackacre?

3. An asteroid flying through the Milky Way galaxy strikes Earth with sufficient force to obliterate all life. What pleading issues are raised by these facts?

4. Bob is successfully prosecuted for murder by Sid the D.A. in federal court. Who died?


i've tried to download it like 5 times, but it's just left me with an ethnic variety of porn.

Re: important hypos

So you took Sturley's multiple choice test in Property as well?


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