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Non Sequitur




Because of something you did.


Am I the only one, or, at some point today does everyone getting ready to take the bar fall into the zen like fatalism, knowing that there is nothing more one can do to prepare? Seriously -- I feel like I should be freaking out and going over the last set of PMBR questions I have, but, I feel COMPLETELY normal and content.

It's kinda scary, actually.

Good luck all.

NO hacksworth. You just SUCK.


Nope, I had about my worst freakout of the whole bar experience today. I convinced myself that I didn't know anything about any of the essay topics and that I should just start driving to Mexico to begin a life as a cantina bouncer.

I only got as far as the mall, but it was a powerful freakout. The rest of the day was pretty chill in comparison.


Repeat as you go in the door:




Good luck!


I stopped studying at noon. I ate a big lunch, got a massage, fell asleep on the massage table, and read fashion magazines all evening. I'm done with that whole studying part of the bar now.

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