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barbri says the average on the MBE is usually around a 128 that yields a scaled score around 142 (which is multiplied by 2 on the texas bar exam to give you 284 points towards your required 675 on the overall test).


I got 62% on the practice MBE which was in the 76th percentile. My raw score was 124. That was three weeks ago so hopefully it will all go up.

A 58% right yielded a 62% ranking.

67.5% got 89th percentile

44% gets 22nd percentile. I hope most people feel better about themselves now.


Want a confidence builder????

Do the released questions in the MDR BarBri book. I usually run about mid sixties on the various topics, but just busted a 29/34 on the released property questions, a 26/34 on Contracts, and a 29/34 on Con Law.

If those questions are indicative of what's on the Bar, and they should be if they're old Bar questions, then we're good to go.

119/200 (59.5%) = 72nd percentile

Speaking of freaking out. . .Does the guy on the Menu page of the StudySmart software freak anyone else out? There is something unsettling him and the prominent display of his package.


this bar thing is such a load of crap. i am going to show up next week to take the sucker, but that's precisely it. no more time, no more money, and not one more shit will be given with regard to the texas bar in this house. BAH!

good luck, everybody. it'll be over soon!

117 out of 200, or 58.5% correct, is 64% percentile.


119/200 (59.5% - 68th percentile)
Summer 2006, TX (Houston)

If BARBRI processes the simulated MBEs in separate batches by state, that may explain the inconsistency - between raw scores and rankings - with the 1:37PM comment.

Not sure if BARBRI really does that - I'm just sayin'.


I hate barbri. And I hate the study software. I keep getting questions where the answers are obviously suppose to be attached to another question, and then the explanation is suppose to go with a totally different question.

And this - I must tell you - MAKES ME CRAZY.


One and only advantage of MicroMash--chick on the loading page is hot. Not as hot as the chick on the brochure, but still hot by barprep material standards.

Good Luck

Bluechip, released questions are nothing like the real ones. They are old. The test has changed.

Stop freaking yourselves out. Study, take the exam. You will be fine, especially you, Mike.

Ron Mexico

I love Barbri... there cannot be a more illogical way to prepare for the test. Whether sitting in fake "lectures" or doing made-up questions for the MBE (which aren't actually indicative of the test itself), I feel like I would have been better prepared if I just read a couple of the gilbert's outlines. Look at the Barbri practice tests--the first one we took was supposed to freak us out... and the second in the drills book is supposed to make us feel good (it is significantly easier than the first). Everything about barbri is a well-calculated manipulation. But it leaves me wondering what the actual test is going to look like when barbri quits fucking with our heads and the score itself actually matters (and not how I'm feeling about the preparation that day). The sample essays are laughable at best--they all depend on what professor wrote them. Some of them are two sentences and others are a goddamn treatise (that traces the history of the law from the Magna Carta up to the present if not future ala "Century City"). But of course we don't know what an ACTUAL, good sample answer is... Fuck barbri. waste of my goddamn time.

does anyone know what the Barbri people are saying about which question to expect, either trust or guardianship?

If I remember correctly, StanleyJo said the odds were on trusts. But since I haven't looked at guardianship, I am assuming it will be on guardianship.... Because life is laughing at me.


re: hotness of chick on BarBri materials--

Now I'm disturbed by my bar studying boyfriend's refusing an invite by texting, "I have a dinner date with that hot, sexy gal known as BarBri. I'd say you should be jealous, but I hear she's slutting around all over town."


Speaking of the Bar/Bri, I just got my class action notice last night. Woohoo!

Ojo Rojo

We're due for a trusts question. Ratio of trusts to guardianship questions is 3:2. They had a guardianship question two offerings ago. But, guardianship is easy. There's really not much there. Give it an hour or two and you should get everything you need to know.


For more data: 140/200 on the practice MBE yielded 95th percentile.

Posting anonymously so my friends dont hate me. If anyone knows what this means as far as NY and how crap I can do on the essays, that would help.


you're a loser and half

going to be hammered at this time next week

I love Ron Mexico. That needed to be said.


Blah blah barbri blah!

i got 140 on the practice mbe last year, which turned into 168 on the bar itself. so, in terms of the ny essays, you can shit in the booklet and still pass.

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