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Dearest Wings and whatnot,

I'm terribly excited to see you too are woefully distracted by them thar cocksuckers in Deadwood. Beats them bastards at Barbri. If I fail, I will totally blame George Hearst.

Anonymous Asshole

BarBri's "study smart" shitware, i mean, software keeps giving me fucked up MBE questions with fact patterns from different questions mixed together


The scariest is when you go self-study, and think you're only getting property questions, but you accidentally throw in a contracts question, or, worse, an evidence question.

Good thing the MBE is partitioned off by subject.



Wings, stop obsessing; it's no big deal.

What harm will failing the bar have on you? It can't possibly make your life any more of a failure than it already is, right?

Sure, the University of Texas will retroactively revoke your law review EIC title, but really, they were going to have to that anyway when the indictments came down.

So relax, have a beer or three, and don't sweat it.



Hang in there. I too went crazy when I deprived myself of human contact. And look at me now!

bud fox

"...yeah... look atchoo now..."


you might fool the fucks in the law review office...but you don't fool jesus


Speaking of unhelpful answers. . . PMBR just told me that "The MBE published answer (D) as the correct answer, but (B) appears more likely." Like THAT answer is going to help me on the MBE -- unless, wait, do they give you space on the scantron sheet to justify your answer?

Bah! Where is your post about better names for piercing the corporate veil?

I'm in bar study hell and I can't find the one thing that might make me crack a smile.

It's tragic!

google "poking the corporate badger with the corporate spoon"

THANK YOU! That made me so happy.

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