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loved the blog from when i first found it to the last douglas adams quote- thanks

Hell - man. Thank YOU!

stare decisis

Good luck, Mike - thanks for helping us laugh at ourselves - and you.


Fair winds and following seas. So long.


What a gracious exit. I echo the "thank you"'s, it's been a true pleasure. I'm looking forward to stumbling across the anonymous blog that is sure to follow (you can't really give all THIS up, can you?)...


We suffered through 1L year together, although at different schools, and - well, kind of one-sided, since I am not a frequent commenter. Thank you for providing some perspective, some humor, and the ever-popular "I HARE CONFLACTS!" cheer, which ran through my mind while taking the bar. Did it help? Probably not, but it made me giggle. Best of luck, dude. I'll miss this blog.


i don't think i have ever commented, but you have given me many laughs over the past 3 years. i was in your section and a few classes, and well, not only were you brilliant there, but you were also brilliant here. good luck and thanks!

A. Rickey

You taught me about killer robots. That has to be the most important thing I learned in law school.

Sayoonara, Mike!


Thanks for providing me with something to do during class. Good luck!


This is a great blog, and I'm still going to keep your "Best of" page linked in my own sidebar - it's cracked me and my friends up since we first found it this summer and I hope will continue to as long as the page sticks around. It's good advice/humor/commiseration for all law students, and is an interesting, insightful, and hilarious read even in hindsight.

Thanks, dude, and good luck with that whole "future" thing. :)

Hawk McGee

Vaya con Dios, Mr. andVodka. Thanks for helping me through my first year.


Thanks for the laughs. A hearty muchas gracias from one of your many far-flung readers.


take 'er easy, dude. hope we stay in touch.


This blog made me laugh so hard I cried, and that may have made 3 years of law school worthwhile. Thanks for letting us share your experience.

Thanks for the great writing, i cant even count the times something you wrote got me through a class my first year. Best of luck.

Amen, brother. Thanks for making law school and summer clerkships more fun. Good luck.

darn, that's the end.



I've never commented before, but THANK YOU! You made my first year bearable in more ways that one, while either spacing during a boring Contracts lecture or reading up on Harriet Myers during Con Law. I'm gonna miss this blog, so I hope to hear about some random Russian gymnasts, SOON! Good luck to you!

Fletcher Reede

Goodbye to my second-favorite site on the Internet. (Thank God Nancy's Quilt Shop is here to stay.)


I will never think of the phrase "Motion for Change of Venue" the same way ever again. Hate to see you go, but as Louis the 14th said on his deathbed...Why do you weep. Did you think I was immortal? All good things come to an end. Farewell. See you on the Bestseller List!

Be well.

This blog has been, to use a technical term, "effing incredible." Thanks for the memories.


Hey Mike, you'll be missed. After all, you were the first EIC I've ever seen who had a sense of humor.

Ben Allums

Really enjoyed your blog for the past year, but thanks especially (to you and everyone at UT--students, faculty, and administration alike) for giving me and 59 of my classmates a place to land last fall when things got a bit damp in New Orleans. Wings and Vodka often gave me something to smile about when things weren't exactly all gumdrops and fairy dust. Take care--Ben


Parting is such sweet sorrow... Thank you so much for some incredible belly laughs during some very difficult times. I can't wait to see your writing somewhere else!

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