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I'll keep a weather eye out for your book. Or your new anonymous blog, which ever comes first. Neither the law school nor the intrawebs will be the same without you.

Simon Templar

Thank you. With luck, you'll be back - if only sporadically.

Longtime reader, first time poster. Eff you. My 3L year will be significantly less fun for your leaving. I hope you put those writing skills to better use than penning legal memoranda (memorandum?) for uptight soulless pricks. Best of luck and hope to run into you in cyberspace sometime.


Congrats and best wishes. Advice from an employment lawyer before you go--make sure you read the finer points your firm's "blogging policy." Then break it.


You are a champion. The sphere will be dimmer without you.


Thanks for the countless hours of escape from the practice of law to remember the fun and funny times at law school. You will be missed.


thanks for making law school more tolerable!

from a ut 1L (officially in 2 days)-- thanks for the intro. i hardly knew the blog, but was already a fan. i can only hope some of my classmates create something nearly as enjoyable.


Hell, I'm not even a law student, and I found your writing amazing--as always. Dude, you're totally gonna be a best-seller some day. Just remember to set up an FBRC retirement fund with the billions of skrill you stand to make.


Bravo sir. I've never commented, but your blog got me through many a tough time. Here is to us all taking life less seriously than "the man" would have us believe is necessary.

Reckless Murder

Great job. Sadly I must remove one more link from my blog. And there are so few REALLY funny law students out there. Thank you most for opening my eyes to Google Ads. I'm 18.65 richer thanks to you.


I've been reading since you started, but I'm a first time poster. I also just finished law school. I was always jealous that you got to be in Texas. I miss my home state. You'll be missed, but I can't wait for the next blog/book. Hook 'em!

PS - Does that mean we don't get to find out when you pass the bar???


Never say Never Mike. Consider coming back to us in a new form. I'm sure there's nothing funny about associates.


One can stop blogging? Really?

I'll have to read the fine print in my contract. I'm sure I read somewhere that I had to do this forever or until I quit my day job.

Hey, I did quit my day job!

OK, Mike, we'll be here when you return.

Cheers and good eating,

Don't go!

Where is the Best Of page?


Oh dude, I hate to see you go. Your humor and good advice were invaluable last year as I lurched through the 1L experience.
Good luck on whatever path you take. If you are ever in Seattle, give a shout.


I'm trying to study for the LSAT and I came across your blog. Thanks a lot for making me waste three hours reading all the entries while either laughing, crying, doing both simultaneously, or telling my damn dog to shut up.

BTW, I'm from Vegas too. Way to be from Vegas. I have a BSEE from UNLV. Do YOU have a BSEE from UNLV? Because if you do, I think you might be Future Me since my name is Mike too. Except I would never live in Texas. Ever. OK, maybe if they offered me a free hat. With thirteen hot Texas girls stuffed inside. So it would have to be a big hat. I mean, Texas-Texas-sized.

Sonya Jones

Thank you so much for hours of entertainment - it was truly great. Now, if I could only find a man as entertaining as you....


Well, it appears my first comment to you will also be my last. Enjoyed this post and good luck with your law career. :-)


A brilliant three years.

And, yeah, you should keep on the writing project. I'll take one of whatever you publish.

There are some really, really great lawyer jobs out there. I have one. I hope you find one, too.



Alas. It had to end someday.


Too bad it had to end. Thanks.


Come Back!!!!


I'll be sad to delete your link on my blog. I've really enjoyed following your law-school tragicomedy, and I'm sad to see you go. Bonne chance!

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